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Peace-of-mind care
when you’re not there!



When you’re vacationing away from home or leaving a second home vacant for extended periods, the last thing you want to think about is property safety and maintenance!

Thunder Bay Home Check Inc. is a personalized service designed to give homeowners peace of mind. This comes with the knowledge that a reliable, bonded, professional is looking after your home.

You can enjoy peace of mind with the personal care provided by Thunder Bay Home Check Inc. Services. We provide superb care for your vacant home whether you are absent for a weekend, weeks or months at a time. We will regularly check and maintain your home, ensuring that your home insurance policy requirements are fulfilled. Below are some of the services we offer ~ choose our basic house check package or one tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Inspect Interior and Exterior

- Water houseplants house interior
- Collect mail, newspapers, junk mail & leaflets
- Keep entry clear of leaves and snow
- Feed small pets(non-biting!)
- Lawn mowing/Snow Removal
- Post-storm checks and arrange for emergency repairs if required
- On-site availability for scheduled deliveries
- Provide Home Checklist on each visit
- Other custom arrangements as required.


Most homeowners ask a neighbour, friend or family member to "watch their house."

Typically the neighbour will keep an eye on the outside of the house, but doesn't go inside to see if anything has happened to the interior, i.e. pipe leaks etc., and most likely not enough times for a proper check.

Thunder Bay Home Check Inc. is a professional company whose only mission is to look after, and protect your home and property.

Prevent a small problem from turning into
a more serious one.

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